The Bush campaign is making another appearance in Colorado today. Former President George H.W. Bush and his twin grandaughters, Jenna and Barbara, will speak at a RNC Victory rally at 1:30 p.m. at the Wings Over The Rockies Museum , 7711 E. Academy Blvd., Denver.

The latest Reuters-Zogby poll shows Kerry with a slight lead over Bush in Colorado.

Will this be the last we’ll see of the Bush family this week? Probably. Bush faces some formidable campaign oppposition in the East as Bruce Springsteen joins Kerry in Wisconsin and Ohio tomorrow, followed by Jon Bon Jovi in Massachussetts over the weekend.

According to Reuters, Pennyslvania, Iowa and Michigan are still in doubt. With the importance of the electoral votes in those states, Colorado’s days in the presidential limelight probably have peaked — at least until Election Day when the results for Amendment 36 decide how our nine electoral votes are going to be divided.