The Democratic National Committee says that President Bush’s proposed budget contains large cuts for Colorado. Among them:

    Homeland Security:

  • a $17.8 million cut for Colorado, including funds for police and firefighters.
  • Health Care

  • $45 billion is cut from Medicaid, with Colorado’s share amounting to $354 million.

  • Cuts for the No Child Left Behind Act result in a decrease of $137.1 million in Colorado, affecting more than 27,000 children.
  • Cuts in Pell Grants for Colorado students will leave 65,070 students in tight straits.
  • Other Priorities

  • Colorado job training programs will lose $16.6 million.
  • 446,385 Colorado veterans will have to pay a new $250 annual “user fee” to use the VA health care system, and their prescription drug co-payment will be doubled.
  • Colorado clean water programs will be cut by $3.1 million.
  • The Low Income Heating Energy Assistance Program will be cut by $3.7 million for Colorado residents.