Jason is entirely correct in assessing Sen. Ken Salazar’s endorsement of Judge John Roberts for Chief Justice of the United States. There was no hope of opposing him. Now we move on to the more important question: Who will be President Bush’s choice to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor?

I believe Bush’s next pick will be a conservative Hispanic or African-American. But, I also believe Bush will get yet another shot at selecting a Supreme Court Justice , because Justice Stevens probably will retire during his tenure as President. To preserve his legacy, I believe that Bush will cater to the radical right on this third judicial pick.

So what do Democrats do? Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers . In 2000, arguably, the voters chose Bush. They definitely chose him in 2004. My biggest concern then, as it is now, has been for the next generation, one that includes my son. How do I explain to him that the principles I imparted to him since he was a child — equal justice and opportunity for all, despite one’s race, heritage, sexual orientation, gender or country of birth– will remain a hallmark of our Constitution during his lifetime?

The truthful answer is, I can’t. We failed his generation in November, 2000, and again in 2004. I tried to do my part. It wasn’t enough. Today, that seems not as much an explanation as it does a personal failure.

The best advice from here on out may be, as Crosby, Stills and Nash sang, “Teach your children well.” Teach them to vote. Teach them to take charge of their destiny, because as parents, we may not be able to ensure it for them.