Troy Hooper at the Aspen Daily News dissects a new report by the Bureau of Economic Analysis on personal income at the county level. Colorado’s wealthiest county is, no surprise, Pitkin. Our poorest is Crowley.

Of the 64 counties in Colorado, per-capita personal income reached $86,122 in 2006, which was the most recent year cited in the study. That figure is about $70,000 more than Colorado’s poorest county, Crowley County, some 200 miles to the east, where the average income is $16,859.

Pitkin also is the third richest county in the nation in terms of personal income. Who’s richer? The residents of New York County and Teton County, Wy. One could spend a day analyzing the data in this meaty report. If you’re into this kind of thing, be sure to check it out.