With an ancestor as worldly as Louis Comfort Tiffany—a renowned stained-glass artist and avid collector of Asian and European art—it’s no wonder that Nadia Watts naturally gravitates toward decor from around the globe. “I think incorporating multicultural styles adds a richness and depth to your home,” says the Denver-based interior designer. In other words, those pieces tell a story—and in Watts’ living room, an assortment of ginger jars practically begs for an audience. The porcelain containers were originally used to store spices during China’s Qin dynasty, and versions with intricate patterns became popular collectors’ items starting in 18th-century Europe. Watts was initially drawn to the calming blue-and-white colorway that commonly adorns the vessels, but her children’s love for animals and mythology influenced her acquisition of the two taller jars—which she bought from the Lark in Country Club—depicting dragons having a chat. “I like my home to reflect their interests, too,” Watts says of her family—an outlook that will undoubtedly create another generation of collectors.