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Mary Clare Fischer

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Buy These Bows Before It’s Too Late

Count to 10 and chances are you’ll miss the latest release from Wunderkin.

Inside Colorado’s Wonderful World of Wellness

Wellness has never been buzzier. Or more confusing. Or more relevant. Here’s how to navigate the mystifying universe of holistic health in the Centennial State.

Katy Williams Wants to Be Your Puppet Master

The Denverite’s Rocky Mountain Puppet Slam shows puppetry is more than sticking an old sock on your hand.

How Your Monthly Expenses Might Change in 2019

From housing to health insurance to gas, some things might be a little more pricey this year. Here, we take a closer look.

A Weekend Program For Bewildered Denver Parents

Moms and dads, rejoice! Highland’s Mama ‘Hood parenting store has put together a two-day series to help you solve all of your parenting woes.

Medical Assistants’ Roles in Colorado Health Care Keep Growing

They’re neither your doctors nor your nurses, but their jobs—and training—could mean a lot to your health.

A Colorado-Built Spacecraft Will Reach Its Destination This Month

Osiris-Rex will aim to be the first American mission to bring back a sample of asteroid particles—which could give clues where else we should look for life forms.

The Utes Have Been Using STEM Principles for Centuries

A new History Colorado exhibit partially examines the intersections between science, technology, engineering, and math, and the Natives’ traditional ecological knowledge

What Scents Remind You of Being Home for the Holidays?

We asked readers to weigh in on social media.

Gift Guide 2018: 5 Soothing Skincare Products

Here are five local-ish products for that special someone who could use a little TLC this holiday season. (Surprise: It’s all of us.)

virtual reality, VR, children's hospital colorado, starlight xperience, starlight children's foundation

How Virtual Reality Is Providing Playtime for Hospitalized Children

Children’s Hospital Colorado was one of five hospitals that piloted the new Starlight Xperience program, a virtual reality set-up complete with games, immersive field trips, and more.

aron ralston, 127 hours, between a rock and a hard place, blue john canyon, adventure

It’s Been 15 Years Since Aron Ralston Amputated His Arm In Blue John Canyon

The adventurer and Boulder resident has turned his death-defying experience into a career as a motivational speaker, to help others learn from both his mistakes and his triumph.

What Denver’s Mayoral Candidates Can Learn From Kid Politicians

We spoke with the “mini mayors” at Sunlight Resort to see how they attained the coolest childhood office ever.

Will the National Western Center Development Benefit the Surrounding Neighborhoods?

That remains to be seen.

bill coors, the will to live, health, wellness, holistic health, coors

New Documentary Chronicles Bill Coors’ Holistic Health Journey

The local beer titan, who died on October 13 at the age of 102, was an advocate for health and wellness before it was cool.

lead with love, yoga, wellness, conscious capitalism, workplace wellness, workplace

How a Yoga Summit Turned Into a Workplace Wellness Conference

Gina Murdock, founder of Lead With Love, says this year’s summit (happening later this month in Aspen) will focus on how to implement a holistic, heart-centered approach to wellness in the workplace.

denver health, lgbt center of excellence, transgender, lgbt health, lgbt

How Denver Health Transformed Health Care for the LGBTQ Community

As a designated LGBT Center of Excellence, the medical center now mandates questions about gender identity and sexual orientation, offers more surgeries for transgender patients, and provides training to all employees on how to treat LGBTQ folks.

healthtech, startups, health care, entrepreneur

Denver Startup Week Reveals Why Health Tech Isn’t Disrupting Our Lives—Yet

Plenty of barriers still exist for startups in the health care space.

Gregory Alan Isakov Is Releasing a New Album

We chatted with the Boulder-area singer-songwriter (and farmer) to learn about his new tunes.

4 Ways to Get Your Birding Fix This Month

From watching bird bandings to spotting bald eagles, there are plenty of opportunities to glimpse the state’s feathered friends before the “Year of the Bird” wraps up.

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