For Chafing Skiwear: Peak 10 Skin’s Hydro D3 Body Lotion

You know that awful scratchy feeling when you’re layering up to ski or ride, and you haven’t exactly been diligent about moisturizing your calves? You can’t just slather on some lotion before you jump on the lift, because it won’t absorb quickly enough. Enter Peak 10 Skin’s Hydro D3 body lotion (pictured above). The ultra-hydrating cream mixes high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a form of vitamin D3, and squalane (derived from olives, not sharks—that’s squalene with an e) to penetrate your pores quickly and effectively. Try it before you buy it at the beauty bar in founder Connie Elder’s new Breckenridge shop, Maggie Pond Boutique. $28 for eight ounces or $40 for 12 ounces; Maggie Pond Boutique, 505 S. Main St. Station, A6, Breckenridge;

For a Post-Exercise Touch-Up: Pamela Metamorphosis’ Fresh Facial Cleansing Towels

Fresh Facial Towel. Courtesy of Pamela Metamorphosis

Pamela Metamorphosis founder and former registered nurse Pamela Hill came up with these magical cloths after her stepdaughter, a SoulCycle regular, asked Hill to create something to help sop up her spinning-induced sweat. Formulated with aloe vera, green tea extract, and cucumber extract, they’re thicker than most makeup-removing wipes and will leave your active pal’s epidermis feeling soft, supple, and, most importantly, clean—no matter how much she truly needs to take a shower. One for $1.50, 10 for $12.50, or 30 for $30;

For Dry Anything: L’eela Vital Hydrating Oil

Vital Hydrating Oil. Courtesy of L’eela

In the alternative medicine branch known as Ayurveda, there’s a practice called abhyanga, in which you massage warm oil all over your body before taking a bath or shower. It’s this indulgent exercise that long-time yogi and Ayurvedic devotee Lisa Richards had in mind when she and L’Eagle Services dispensary owner Amy Andrle developed the multi-tasking oil they call their “everything and everywhere” product. That means you can put this antioxidant-packed substance—a combination of 250 milligrams of CBD extract and apricot, sweet almond, jojoba, marula, and essential oils—not only on your cracked mitts, but also in your daughter’s frizzy hair or your husband’s brittle beard. $50;

 For Anti-Aging: JLEssencials Rose Complete Restorative Full-Spectrum Serum

Rose Complete Restorative Full-Spectrum Serum. Courtesy of JLEssencials

Serums are these strange, enigmatic compounds—too thick to technically be moisturizers, not oily enough to be categorized as face oils. (They tend to be water-based.) The most important thing to know about them is they’re ultra-absorbing, which means they’re good at tackling concrete problems, like acne or wrinkles. And that makes them perfect to gift to your friend or parent who’s obsessing over the crow’s feet starting to peek out around the eyes. We recommend JLEssencials’ Rose Complete Restorative Full-Spectrum Serum, developed by the team behind Boulder’s Jlounge Spa, for its collagen-synthesizing rose and carrot seed oils and its containers made of glass, a material co-founder Julie Perington says keeps their botanicals more effective than plastic would. $145; JLounge Spa, 3003 Walnut St., Boulder;

For Clogged Pores: Smart Peeling Mild Papaya

It’s a little unfair to highlight just one Korean skincare product; after all, the exhaustive regimen associated with the southeast Asian country often includes 10 steps. But, even if your sister’s not down to spend an hour pampering her face, she could probably use an exfoliant that sloughs off dead, dry skin, especially in Colorado’s moisture-sucking climate. The hyaluronic acid and papaya enzymes in this peeling gel accomplish that task, allowing the many other products you might use to go even deeper into the skin. Find it at the new Belmar location of the Face Shop, one of the international leaders in Korean skincare. $18; The Face Shop, 7166 W. Alaska Dr., Lakewood.