John Hickenlooper proved that even local campaign advertisements, when done well, have the ability to attract national attention. Comparing the spots for the upcoming mayoral race so far, Westword concludes Michael Hancock, at this point, has the “ad to beat” (first video below).

And although it’s not officially an advertisement, candidate James Mejía agrees to a Daily Show-style interview with local comedian Adam Cayton-Holland, passing with flying colors (second video below, via Westword).

Attempting to bring a little humor of their own to the race, New Era Colorado visits the would-be mayors in “Candidate Cribs: Denver Mayor’s Edition” (third video below, via ColoradoPols).

Off-camera but still in the spotlight, Mejía has partnered with Andrew Hudson, purveyor of one of the city’s best jobs lists, for a jobs-creation forum (Colorado Independent), and the Denver Post begins its candidate-profile series with “neighborhood guy” Doug Linkhart. Meanwhile, state Senator and poll leader Chris Romer has won the endorsement of the Service Employees International Union (ColoradoPols), as the Post explores the “labor friendliness” of the contenders.

Mejia from Adam Cayton-Holland on Vimeo.