By now, you’ve probably seen the Domino’s Pizza commercials in which the company’s pizzamakers come to terms with customer gripes such as, “Domino’s pizza crust to me is like cardboard” and “The sauce tastes like ketchup.” The ads, which unveil a new and improved pizza, are the brainchild of Crispin Porter & Bogusky, perhaps the most high-profile marketing agency headquartered in Colorado.

“The agency’s philosophy holds that a campaign doesn’t truly succeed unless viewers are driven to talk (or tweet) about it,” writes Slate. Or blog, for that matter.

In another recent campaign, the company was called into action to help Microsoft battle Mac in “Laptop Hunters,” spots following young people as they shopped for computers. The Domino’s ad, “Pizza Turnaround,” shot by Henry Alex Rubin, the Academy Award-nominated director of “Murderball,” is an effort to take on the viewer’s built-up resistance to typical scripted spots, Slate notes.

Agency Chairman Alex Bogusky is on our list of the area’s most influential powerbrokers, The 5280 Fifty: “If you put Mad Men’s Don Draper through the modern-day Boulder ringer, you’d get Alex Bogusky—a savvy ad man who knows how to create buzz for products like Burger King (he brought the creepy, plastic-masked king to life), Mini Cooper (he placed the wee cars in the stands of sports stadiums), and Guitar Hero (the spoofs of Risky Business).”

Here’s the “documentary” from which the latest commercials have been taken.