Tom Tancredo has definitely scored some political points for his strong admonishments against fellow former Republican Congressman Scott McInnis, who became mired in a plagiarism scandal last week.

After the story broke, SurveyUSA asked Republicans who they think is “the strongest Republican candidate for governor,” and 29 percent said Tancredo (via The Denver Post). McInnis came away with 19 percent, but Dan Maes didn’t take third. That distinction went to “not sure.” (Maes finished fourth with 13 percent.)

But if voters want someone other than McInnis or Maes, their best shot is to vote for McInnis in the August 10 primary. If he wins, it would create the opportunity for him to drop out, The Washington Times points out. On the other hand, McInnis could just keep plugging away. During a fundraiser Saturday, a supporter asked him if he was going to quit: “No way,” he said (via the Grand Junction Sentinel).

But McInnis will have to work hard to regain his supporters’ confidence. Even three key staffers who worked for him—policy director Mac Zimmerman, political director Dustin Zvonek, and regional director Tyler Houlton—have left the campaign as “a direct result of this week’s plagiarism scandal,” 9News writes. Yet some of the state’s top political analysts tell The Denver Post they think a McInnis recovery is still possible.