According to a recent New York Times article, “Twitter Could Become the Unemployed’s Best Friend,” 340,000 jobs were listed on the popular social networking site in a recent month. With more and more job seekers becoming savvy social-media users, it seems recruiters know they can move jobs quickly (and cheaply) with Twitter.

So I embarked on my own trial to find out whether Twitter has the potential to become the new craigslist of job searches. (An admission: Although I’ve heard all about the benefits of Twitter, I’m still not very savvy with it myself.)

The easiest way to search for jobs is via TwitJobSearch, basically a search engine for all the jobs posted on Twitter. If you’re looking for something in a specific location, be sure to include that in your search, which can be refined based on salary ranges, by how frequent the lister tweets, and when the job was tweeted.

Most intriguing to me is how Twitter makes the process more interactive for the job seeker. You can click on an icon under a listing that is titled “I can do that”—and that note of confidence will either go out to the public or just to the recruiter. You can also upload a resumé or CV, save jobs to an online account, and follow recruiters.

In my own search of “local writing” jobs, the listings have been different than those posted on my typical site-haunts of craigslist, JournalismJobs, and Andrew Hudson’s Job List. I may not be much of a tweeter, but I’ll definitely be using Twitter to watch for work.