I’ll admit, I was late to the foodie reality show party. But somehow, though I managed to avoid ensnarement for years, I caved in recently. Bravo caught me by the apron with Top Chef, and now I’m hooked. Next up, Hell’s Kitchen, Fox’s version where 14 hopefuls will compete to work in Chef Gordon Ramsay’s pressure cooker of a kitchen.

Hell’s Kitchen is casting now, and Denver’s chance to show off a culinary contestant takes place this Friday, August 24, at the Art Institute of Denver’s Culinary School at 675 S. Broadway (Denver Design Center). The requirements:

Casting is searching for outspoken, competitive, and engaging men and women, 21 and over, with varying culinary experience. Applicants must be passionate about food and aim to become the next winner of “Hell’s Kitchen.” Food lovers, experienced chefs, cooks, fast food and cafeteria workers, private chefs, weekend gourmets, caterers, are all encouraged to attend an open casting call or visit www.Fox.com/HellsKitchen for self submission information. Prior cooking experience preferred.

Think you’ve got what it takes? Drop by between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and see if they agree. There are no appointment times or cooking demonstrations required; just drop by and they’ll interview you, first-come, first-served. I’ll be on hand, along with a group of foodies, writers, and wannabes, just to watch from the sidelines.