Always expect something sweet is about to happen.”

I was not expecting anything sweet to happen that day. Something stressful, yes. A fire I had to put out as the magazine’s latest issue went to press, perhaps. Then the above note arrived. It was tucked into a box of candy. And it made me smile.

With Valentine’s Day coming up fast (the clock is ticking, romance slackers), people are preoccupied with thoughts of chocolates and love notes and stuffed animals holding roses in their fake paws and proposals. But the women behind Sugarwish—and my candy surprise—know that telling someone you’re thinking of them shouldn’t be just a once-a-year consideration.

Two years ago, Elisabeth Vezzani and Leslie Lyons were two moms standing at their sons’ soccer game, chatting over coffee about the lack of easy-to-find customized gifts. They were both over impersonal gift cards. Then it clicked: What if they could come up with a fun and simple way of giving someone exactly what they wanted. Sugarwish, an e-gifting candy business, was born.

The process is easy. Step one: The gifter visits the website and chooses a Sugarwish size, which range from $25 to $65 (tax and shipping fees are included) and equate to four, eight, or 16 quarter-pound bags of treats. Step two: Pick an e-card and add a custom message. Step three: Choose a delivery date. You can send your e-gift immediately or, for the planners out there, set it to send at a later date.

Then it’s the recipient’s turn. He or she receives the e-card and is directed to the site to pick out their four favorite types of candy (gummies, chocolates, licorice, you name it). Three to four days later, the robin’s-egg blue package arrives. Final step: Eat.

“It’s candy customization based on the recipient’s sweet tooth,” Vezzani says. “You’re sending a slice of happy.”

Of course, Valentine’s Day is the company’s biggest holiday, but it’s never the wrong day to surprise someone with some sweet treats. Disclaimer: Do not take the previous sentence as an excuse to not get your special someone something today.

Image courtesy of Sugarwish

Daliah Singer
Daliah Singer
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