The Denver Broncos continued their long slide to mediocrity yesterday, falling to the Philadelphia Eagles 30-27 and making any chance of reaching the playoffs much, much tougher. After taking a 27-10 lead into the third quarter, the Broncos were able to claw their way back and tie the game at 27.

But then the familiar problems crept back in: the defense’s inability, despite playing OK throughout the game, to make a key stop when it counts, and the offense’s inability to drive the field for a game-winning score. The Denver Post (free registration required) looks at how the Broncos had the chance to seal the game with less than 10 minutes to play, but failed to make it happen. After starting the season 6-0, the Broncos are now 2-7.

Mile High Report breaks down any chance at the playoffs: Basically, the Broncos need to win next week against Kansas City, the New York Jets and the Baltimore Ravens need to lose, or a host of other semi-confusing scenarios must play out.

If we want to be bitter and petulant, we can always cast blame for the Broncos’ status elsewhere, and the perfect target is the Indianapolis Colts, who hosted the New York Jets yesterday. The Colts decided that rather than pursue a perfect season, they’d hand the Jets a win by putting in a very green rookie quarterback, eliciting boos from the home-field Indy fans (via ESPN). The Jets pulled out the win, the Broncos came up short—again—and here we are.