I am so devastated right now. Last night, some idiot speeding down Logan Street hit and killed my fluffly little kitty Milo. And they didn’t even bother to stop. My neighbors saw it happen, and rang our bell to come retrieve my poor broken, bleeding cat from the road. I am so very sad about losing Milo, and so very pissed at the person — or the type of people — who can do such a thing and not at least stop and see if the animal is OK. Milo was a big 20-pound bundle of love, and you just can’t hit something like that and not know it! It wouldn’t have helped Milo. I don’t think he suffered, at least, but it would have helped me to know that they cared enough to stop. I just don’t understand that. On top of feeling angry at the asshole that killed my cat and didn’t bother to check on him, I feel heartbroken, and guilty for letting him be an indoor-outdoor cat, even though I know he wasn’t happy at all if we cooped him up inside for long. I guess that’s the chance I took. So I suppose I’m the one that killed him in that regard. And I swear, I’ll never let my little kitten Lucy outside. I had already planned to keep her indoors so that she didn’t get used to going out, but now I’m absolutely sure that I need to. Some people may think this is morbid, but we are totally into our pets, so we are having Milo’s remains cremated and returned. The very nice man who came to pick up Milo last night suggested somthing that I thought at the time was inappropriate — he told us to go to the Cat Care Society, a no-kill cat shelter with many homeless and very adoptable kitties looking for homes. I am not ready to get a new pet, and I may not ever get another cat while I live here, off such a busy and dangerous street. But I did look at the website today, and it’s hard. There really are a lot of little furballs out there — dogs, too, at other shelters — sitting in cages and kennels and hoping for a forever home. Maybe in a few months, or a year. There sure are a lot of sweet looking animals who are alone. Right now, I need to get over these roller coaster emotions first.