It’s a catfight! Colorado Representative Diana DeGette agrees with Denver DA Mitch Morrissey that our elected officials should stay out of the extradition case involving Raul Gomez-Garcia, the Mexican national accused of killing Denver Detective Donnie Young. She has written Morrissey a letter calling attempts by others in Colorado’s Congressional delegation political opportunism. [Sens. Ken Salazar and Wayne Allard and Rep. Bob Beauprez’s ears should be burning here.]

“It is the height of arrogance, as well as an abuse of power, for an elected official to undermine the prosecution of the murderer of a Denver police officer in an effort to score political points,” DeGette said in a letter sent Friday to Denver District Attorney Mitch Morrissey.

Sen. Salazar, not taking the hint, now tells the Denver Post he thinks it is his business.

“International extraditions are matters of federal law, and therefore it is appropriate that the United States and Mexico review the extradition framework,” Salazar wrote. “As a United States senator, it is entirely within my jurisdiction to raise issues concerning international relations.” He enclosed a letter he wrote to Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, asking her to address the decision of Mexican courts to alter the terms of the Mexican-U.S. extradition treaty.

Message to Sen. Salazar: Please. If you wanted to remain involved in law enforcement, you should have retained your position as Colorado Attorney General. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Let it go.