Breakfast burritos are the morning meal of choice for many Denverites. Now, thanks to Mayor Michael Hancock and Santiago’s Mexican Restaurants, we have an official holiday on which to celebrate our favorite a.m. tortilla-wrapped item: Saturday, October 14 marks the first-ever Denver Breakfast Burrito Day. So you know where to join in the fun this weekend, here are nine of our local favorites. Bonus: You can score a free breakfast burrito—your choice of meat or vegetarian—at any of Illegal Petes’ five Mile High City locations from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Alameda Burrito

At this hole in the wall, you literally order your food from a hole in the inside wall. Parking out front can be tough, but the hassle is more than worth it for the stellar, served-all-day breakfast burritos. Best of all, Alameda Burrito offers two sizes—regular and baby—and they start at just $2. We always opt for the egg, potato, and sausage version. 5209 W. Mississippi Ave., Lakewood, 303-238-0285

Araujo’s Restaurant

Stop by Araujo’s in Jefferson Park early enough, and you’ll find a line of folks stretching from the pay counter to the door. The $2 breakfast burritos are packed with soft potatoes, one meat-of-the-day option (either chorizo, pork, or bacon), and egg, and drenched in green chile. The chile comes in various heat levels from hot to mild to half-and-half. We prefer the latter, which strikes a nice balance. 2900 W 26th Ave., (303)-455-3866 —Jay Bouchard

Blackbelly Butcher and Santo

Okay, so Blackbelly and Santo are in Boulder, not Denver. But founder Hosea Rosenberg (who hails from New Mexico) makes breakfast burritos so tasty they’re worth driving for. The combination of Hatch green chile stew, farm eggs, house-made tater tots, and cheese—plus the butcher’s daily choice of meat—is a wonderful way to start the day. Bonus: Blackbelly and Santo offer pork-free green chile, so even vegetarians can get in on the action. Blackbelly, 1606 Conestoga St., Boulder, 720-479-8296; Santo, 1265 Alpine Ave., Boulder, 303-442-6100

Santiago’s breakfast burrito

Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant

No breakfast burrito roundup would be complete without the inclusion of homegrown chain, Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant. On October 14, each of Santiago’s 28 locations will offer breakfast burritos all day for just $1.25, a throwback to the original price when it first opened in 1990. Multiple locations

Chickee’s Lil Kitchen

If it’s your first time visiting Chickee’s Lil Kitchen, you might find the spot’s mix of Louisiana-style fare and Mexican food a bit strange. But this Sunnyside window always attracts a crowd for its hearty, affordable, spicy fare. We return again and again for the rolled-to-order breakfast burritos. The green chile is made with local peppers from Brighton, and it has a fresh, snazzy kick. 4340 Zuni St., 720-329-3980

El Taco de Mexico

Some might say there’s no place for rice and beans in a breakfast burrito, and typically, we’d agree. But there’s something wonderful about El Taco de Mexico’s rice-and-beans-packing version, especially when it’s smothered in the piquant, fresh-tasting house green chile. It’s a rib-sticking meal-in-a-tortilla that’ll keep you full all day. 714 Santa Fe Dr., 303-623-3926

La Fuente

At La Fuente—a colorful, nearly decade-old cafe/cantina tucked away on 44th Avenue just off Federal Boulevard—all it takes is $5 (and, usually, just five to 10 minutes) to score a hearty breakfast burrito to go. A perfectly chewy tortilla securely envelops scrambled eggs, large chunks of tender, not-mushy potato, just-spicy-enough green chile, and your choice of meat. (Tip: Try the greasy-in-a-good-way chorizo if you overindulged the night before.) 3023 W. 44th Ave., 303-477-5501 —Jessica LaRusso

The Original Chubby’s

You’ll find a crowd no matter when you visit this recently remodeled Denver stalwart, day or night. Customers are steadfastly loyal to this fast food joint’s legendary green chile, which acts as a wonderfully spicy binder for al dente potatoes, scrambled eggs, and ultra-melty American-style cheese in the hefty breakfast burritos. Warning: The green chile comes in one heat level, and it’s spicy. 1231 W. 38th Ave., 303-455-9311

Tamales by La Casita

Tamales might be in the name, but this Tejon Street haunt does a brisk business in breakfast burritos as well. These delicious torpedos of eggs, cheese, and meat start at just $2.35, and are available in portable format or smothered in house-made green chile. The ingredients meld together just so, making every bite a good one. 3561 Tejon St., 303-477-2899

Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin
Callie Sumlin is a writer living in Westminster, and has been covering food and sustainability in the Centennial State for more than five years.