When physical therapist Sean Buchan and microbiologist Chris Washenberger took up home-brewing as a hobby, they didn’t intend to start new careers—but that’s exactly what happened.

Just last week, Cerebral Brewing, the brainchild of their collaboration with Chicago-based financier Dan McGuire, opened in Congress Park. And for science geeks and beer fans alike, it’s worth a visit.

Using science as inspiration, Buchan and Washenberger turn out a spread of fun and tasty beers, including winter staple Dark Galaxie, a rich milk stout made with malted oats, and the variable Germ Theory, a refreshingly tart gose-style ale.

When asked about translating his biological training into useful skills as a brewer, Washenberger assured us the jobs go hand-in-hand. “It’s no translation,” he said. “I still work in the lab.”

Since making beer is just a different—and more delicious—version of lab work, it’s really no surprise Cerebral serves its brew in what looks like a trendy high school science classroom, complete with a skeleton, slab tables, beakers, and a periodic table.

But the academic feel is more than just aesthetic. Cerebral plans to use the space to host Denver Homebrew Club gatherings, where beer hobbyists can share ideas, recipes, and new batches of brew.

So, whether you’re looking to learn more about the science of brewing or just hankering to try a new American Pale Ale (Cerebral’s fruity Muscle Memory is extremely sessionable), it’s time to go to class.

1477 Monroe St., 303-927-7365, cerebralbrewing.com