I am seriously heartbroken about this.

We all have our favorite local hangouts — you know the sort. The place you like so much that you really don’t want the word to get out, because deep down, you’re a selfish bii-atch and don’t want a bunch of idiot wankers showing up at your cool secret spot.

I’m pretty sure that’s the exact reason that my favorite neighborhood joint, Cafe Cero, is closed this week. The owner just told me today that, yes, Cero’s doors closed yesterday, and will remain closed until at least next week, and quite possibly permanently. She simply can’t afford to keep the place going right now.

The guilt is killing me. I should have gone there more…for dinner, happy hour… I should have talked the place up more… I should have written its praises every chance I got. Ugh. I swear, I was going there tonight for Elizabeth Rose’s show (Really! It’s on my calendar!), and last Thursday I dropped in for a quick drink during karaoke night. But before that, it had been ages, even though I love the place. Too little, too late, I guess. Obviously it wasn’t just me; gluttonous alkie that I am, I still can’t support an entire business. But all of us who dug that spot are guilty as hell right now, for letting a great local bar fade away.

What a shame.