For a month now I’ve been searching for good deals, from shopping to hanging clotheslines and drinking for free.

I pretend that I’m Indiana Jones, except that instead of finding the Holy Grail I’ve found happy hours and tomato seeds. The upside to bargain hunting is that (so far) I haven’t been chased down tunnels by giant rocks. But the downside is that the awesome hat and whip apparently do not conform to the office dress code.

At any rate, we’ve decided to add to our bargain-excavating team, so you’ll start seeing posts from writer Ashley Pierce here twice a week. She’s been doing an online internship with 5280 since January, fresh from a December graduation from the University of Oklahoma. (Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner….).

I like her already because she is from my hometown (Tulsa), and you’ll all love her because she’s an admitted splurge-er who is now trying to change her ways and live more affordably. Check out her first post tomorrow here at Cheap Thrills.