When Orlando Colome moved from Miami to the metro area two years ago, he pledged to bring Cuban desserts and food seasoned with traditional Cuban spices with him.

Colome, who owns the Cuban Bakery and Cafe in Aurora, learned the trade by working without pay after hours at a Cuban bakery in Miami. Colome made a deal with the owner to buy the shop soon after his apprenticeship was over. Three months later, he made good on that promise.

Now in Denver, Colome has key ingredients such as guava pulp, bromate flour, and traditional spices delivered from Miami every two weeks. These items, Colome believes, are critical to making authentic tasting dishes and pastries.

Wander down for lunch and discover glass cases displaying Cuban pastries (pictured) with various fruit fillings such as guava, cream cheese, pineapple, and strawberry. Or, order black beans and rice and plantains. Sandwiches are stuffed with mojo-infused pork (made of Cuban spices, bitter orange, and garlic, mojo gives the meat a unique sour flavor). Colome uses bromate flour to ensure the telltale consistency of Cuban bread: fluffy and soft on the outside and chewy on the inside. Colome clearly knows that details such as these matter when you’re cooking—and eating—food with such a culturally rich backbone.

Sip this: Order a café con leche or a Malta (a soda-like drink made from barley, hops, and water).

15028 E. Mississippi Ave., Aurora, 303-752-2822