Before Tyler Haney graduated from New York City’s Parsons School of Design, founded her own company, and made it onto Forbes’30 Under 30” list of promising entrepreneurs, Haney was a self-described tomboy. The Boulder-native loved the outdoors and frequented the Chautauqua hiking trails. She had a passion for sports. At Boulder High School, she ran hurdles, played basketball, and competed in cross-country. She was good, too.

Tyler Haney
Tyler Haney. Photograph courtesy of Outdoor Voices

Although she never thought she’d get into apparel, that all changed while on a short jog in New York City. Haney noticed a gap in the kind of gear offered from top brands such as Nike. “When you’re running the hurdles, you want the uniform that makes you feel faster, and Nike was great for that,” Haney says. “But when you’re not racing, the goal of working out is different.”

That difference became the cornerstone of her brand, Outdoor Voices, and it’s something Haney, now 28, is keen to highlight at her latest brick-and-mortar store in Aspen. The pop-up shop, which opened on July 21, is Outdoor Voices’ sixth physical location.

Beyond selling both seasonal and signature Outdoor Voices apparel, including the limited edition Aspen Kit for women, Haney says Aspen’s summertime pop-up—located downtown through September 15—will coordinate regular running and hiking clubs, Pilates classes, and dog-walking.

The Aspen location, like its other shops, is the embodiment of Outdoor Voices’ brand, which might be best described by what it is not. Walk into an Under Armour store, for example, and you’ll likely see Steph Curry plastered all over the walls, wearing Under Armour gear and dribbling an Under Armour basketball. Nike surrounds you with the world’s greatest athletes—at least in poster-form—and even its Instagram feed seems more like a highlight reel of the athletes who use its products than anything else. But using high-end athletic products won’t transform a 5-foot-9 white kid from Chicago’s suburbs into the greatest athlete his rec league ever saw. Trust me—I would know.

Outdoor Voices’ shops take a more subdued approach. In Aspen, that’s reflected in the store’s open, minimalist style, paired with simple clothing that’s almost entirely mono-, two-, or tri-toned (no neon here). This shop is decidedly not about who’s wearing OV’s apparel. The store’s wooden shelves and panels, rock-based furniture, and fitting rooms modeled after tents instead emphasize the very thing Haney says has inspired her active life: the great outdoors.

If you go: Outdoor Voices is located at 625 E. Hyman Ave., Aspen. It will be open until September 15. Call 970-710-7750 or click here for more information.