The website of the once-mighty Rocky Mountain News remains frozen in time, featuring a sad announcement of the paper’s closure written by its staff two years ago. Although there was controversy in the end, former editor and publisher John Temple recently connected with 146 of his former employees to see what they’re up to these days (via the Colorado Springs Independent). At least 92 are still in the journalism game, though many have left Denver for destinations like Colorado Springs, Pueblo, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and even Ghana, Temple notes on his blog.

And Denver’s loss is Guadalupe County, New Mexico’s gain. There, M.E. Sprengelmeyer, the Rocky’s former D.C. correspondent, runs the tiny Communicator newspaper. Despite the difficult economy, he finds that “newspapering is still a profitable business,” adding, “public service pays.” But not everyone is so positive. “It’s depressing to see the ‘product’ the other paper in town puts out and know that we had the vast [sic] superior quality of product,” one former scribe writes on the condition of anonymity.