Hickenlooper, John 2Colorado’s top Democratic politicians will gather in Washington, D.C., next week for a fundraiser to back the gubernatorial campaign of Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper, reports Politico. With suggested contributions of $250 to $1,050 a pop, Hickenlooper’s campaign is sure to get a needed jolt.

Hick was coy about his views on the latest hot issue in the state: whether tax exemptions should be eliminated to salvage the state budget. Hickenlooper told yesterday’s 760-AM morning listeners he prefers not to insert himself into other elected lawmakers’ business (listen to the podcast).

McInnis, Scott_colorMeanwhile, Scott McInnis, a leading Republican candidate for governor, has taken the advice of Denver’s Patti Shyne, an image coach who has worked with dozens of celebrities, by ditching his mustache and John Denver-style glasses, notes The Denver Post.

McInnis recently met with about 40 members of the metro area Tea Party but made it clear that he is a Republican and not a “Tea Party” candidate, as Neil Cavuto labeled him (via Fox 31).

“We called them after the interview and said, ‘Wait a minute, where did you come up with that?'” McInnis told the group.