Denver civil rights lawyer David Lane intends to subpoena Dick Cheney in the civil rights lawsuit he brought against Cheney’s secret service detail. Details of the incident and lawsuit are here.

Steven Howards and his son were walking by a Dick Cheney event this summer in Beaver Creek, on their way to a piano lesson. Howards told Cheney he didn’t approve of his war policy. When Howards walked back from the lesson, passing the site again, he was arrested. Charges later were dropped.

The New York Times had a feature article on the case yesterday. What’s become the big story in the case is that the Secret Service agents are accusing each other of making stuff up.

Reichle, who was based in Denver at the time, told Lane during a deposition that the other agents told him there was an assault, then later changed their story, presumably because Cheney didn’t want to be inconvenienced by a court case. Another agent, meanwhile, said Reichle contacted him a few hours after the arrest and asked him to trump up the encounter to make the arrest appear legitimate, according to the deposition.

So who is the only one who can clear up what happened? Lane says its Cheney. (cross-posted at