The late-season snowstorms that hit the Western slope this spring put a damper on the cherry crop. While you can still drive to Paonia and find the dark, juicy fruits by the handful, they are in such sort supply that they haven’t been shipped widely across the state. But finding a Colorado bing in the city isn’t entirely impossible.

Head to the Boulder Farmers’ Market, where the First Fruits stall sells Paonia-grown cherries. Macerate these in vodka, stir them into scone batter, or simply pop them plain like candy.

Or, if you prefer to avoid shopping and kitchen prep, there are several local eateries that pay homage to the fruitD Bar Desserts among them. The Uptown hotspot makes a Black Forest Cake Waffle, a tower of warm chocolate waffles, cherry compote (a blend of Amarena, Griottine, and farmers’ market cherries), Kirsch cream, and chocolate sauce.