Combining Pan-Asian flavors with classical technique is chef Lon Symensma’s forte. Never has his talent been more evident than in ChoLon’s new list of stunning seasonal desserts. In the past few weeks Symensma and pastry chef Joy Williams have teamed up to introduce brand-new finales that show off this kitchen’s depth.

Of note: The long-running chocolate fondue has been replaced with a more nuanced chocolate option that satisfies with silky chocolate mousse as its base. The shiny, decadent globes arrive drizzled with dark chocolate, sprinkled with fleur de sel and crumbled sable cookies, and brightened by a refreshing quenelle of earthy matcha ice cream and a touch of sencha powder.

The secret to the mousse’s light, silky texture, says Kelley Mang, a chef on the cold side of the kitchen, is a new chocolate in the ganache that is blended with milk and just the right amount of gelatin. The silky smooth finish comes from folding in whipped heavy cream at the final stages. In addition, Mang say, “Chef Symensma is focusing on desserts that are not only seasonal, but whose components streamline the flow out of the kitchen so that diners can experience the peak of flavor and texture in every dish.” Time to make a reservation.

Insider’s Tip: Matcha is big. We’ve written about it here, here, and here.

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