This is just not right. If I were a University of Colorado student, I’d be very angry.

Asked to nominate their favorite professor, students at the University of Colorado at Boulder overwhelmingly picked Ward Churchill. Yet the controversial figure’s award is being withheld, in part, due to his tendency to “antagonize and create enemies,” the head of the CU alumni association said.

David Lane, Churchill’s attorney, is even madder:

“They are punishing Ward Churchill for his free speech by withholding this award. … There is a significant possibility I will see [Alumni President] Kent Zimmerman in federal district court in the near future,” Lane said.

Churchill won the award by 32 points. Zimmerman said this is the first time in the eight years he’s been involved with the Alumni Association that an award has been withheld. The Alumni Association is out of line here. By withholding the award, they are substituting their view for that of the students, rendering the award meaningless and a complete misnomer.