This is how far the once-proud football program at the University of Colorado has fallen: A head coach whose team plays in a second-rate conference just refused a chance to make $13.5 million to live in Boulder.

It’s true. Butch Jones, the University of Cincinnati coach whom CU thought could bring its team back to relevancy, appears to have removed himself from Colorado’s head-coach search in favor of staying in southwestern Ohio. No, really.

Thursday’s news is another stomach-punch for CU alumni and fans who witnessed the worst team in Colorado football history this fall, then saw their teary-eyed coach fired, and now must watch a financially desperate play from an athletic director who’s perhaps one more mangled move from his own ouster. You have to wonder how much more folks will endure before we see significant changes in the school’s athletic department.

Athletic director Mike Bohn reportedly promised Jones significant upgrades to CU’s Folsom Field and to the team’s practice facility at the Dal Ward Athletic Center. Bohn also reportedly offered a five-year contract. We can only imagine the other assurances he made.

And yet, no head coach; just more embarrassment. What has happened to University of Colorado football?

Image courtesy of Shutterstock