You’ve been on quite the roller coaster this past year.
I would never have imagined this for myself a year ago. It’s wonderful and I’m having such an amazing time living in New York. To be able to walk to places without having to drive—I really love that.

What do you miss about Colorado?
Every morning, I would drive to school and see the mountains—it’s just beautiful. I don’t think I would be able to live in a place that’s flat, without a view.

How does making a television series differ from movies?
Every episode has a different director. It’s fun to work with so many new people, but it’s also hard because with a movie script you know where the character is going—there’s a beginning, middle, and end. With a television script, you don’t know how long the show is running. It’s always changing. And you can’t necessarily map out your character because you don’t know what’s going to happen in the next episode.

Did you prepare for this role by watching a lot of Sex in the City?
I’m not trying to duplicate Sarah Jessica Parker’s performance. The producers didn’t want me to emulate that, nor would I want to. My character is really a combination of what’s written on the page and what I’m bringing to it, plus the original books [by Candace Bushnell], and what [producer] Amy Harris sees for the character.

Fashion is such an important part of The Carrie Diaries. Has that affected your own fashion sense?
My style has definitely become more colorful than before, when I used to wear a lot of muted blacks. I’m getting lots of fashion tips from Carrie, and I’m learning to mix more patterns
and colors.

Sounds different than your typical Colorado style.
[Laughs] I still have some of that mountain chic; the leggings and vests and fleece are definitely there—and lots of North Face.