In dog-friendly Denver, it’s not uncommon to take Fido wherever you go. The rule of thumb has always been fairly straightforward: Where food is served, dogs aren’t allowed. Now, according to the Denver Department of Environmental Health, our furry friends aren’t welcome at Coloradans’ sudsy playgrounds. Denver’s health inspectors are set to “crack down” on puppy appearances inside breweries, whether food is served or not.

The city of Denver has always prohibited pets from regulated food facilities, and breweries are considered part of that category. But taprooms that didn’t serve food were cut from the city’s routine checklist due to budget cuts five years ago and only subject to an animal-related health inspection when complaints were made.

Now that the city increased its staff, regular inspections are back to being an expected—and potentially expensive—occurrence at these establishments. After receiving an initial warning for first-time slip-ups, breweries could face fines of up to $500 for repeat animal offenses, according to a 9News report.

One loophole? Dogs are still allowed in city-approved designated outdoor areas. The establishment must have signs posted to let patrons know where their canines can and cannot be.

According to Danica Lee, director of public health inspections, the “current conversation” around the issue is due to the city reinstating routine inspections in these businesses, effective immediately.

Or as we hear it, the current symphony of cries coming from Denver dogs and their beer-loving owners.

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