On a new Forbes list online, Denver ranks 18th among 100 large U.S. cities when it comes to harboring “America’s most innovative” (via the Denver Business Journal). Then, perhaps it was one of our own tech geeks who managed to hack into the city of Denver’s website—DenverGov.org—twice in less than a week. But, given the nature of the online world, it could have been anyone, anywhere. The hacker or hackers tapped into the site, leaving a cryptic message that read: “VIRUS-RA3CH WAS HERE W3 C4N’T H4CK A4Y THING ~ BUT W3 H4CK WH4T W3 W4NT & YOUR SECURITY INFORMATION HAS BEEN PASSED OFF” (via Fox 31). It’s not clear what, if any, information was compromised in the attack. The Denver Police Department, FBI, and Microsoft are working on the case, which began late last week, according to Westword. The working theory is that the same person or group behind a hack last Thursday came back Tuesday, causing a disruption.