Denver is one of the nation’s fittest cities and our public parks often double as a communal space for exercise. You’d be hard-pressed to find a neighborhood that doesn’t have some sort of recreational outlet in a reasonable radius. When you spend part of the day glued to a desk, though, there are fewer options for breaking a sweat during business hours (without paying for a hefty gym membership).

If your place of work happens to be near Civic Center Park, you are in luck this summer: Starting this week, the 12-acre city center will host free fitness classes open to the public. Civic Center MOVES classes are held once a day, Monday through Thursday, until early October. The schedule will vary, but include 45-minute yoga classes taught by an Im’Unique certified teacher and circuit training boot camps led by a Denver Parks & Recreation professional.

If getting your sweat on in the middle of the Great Lawn sounds intimidating, or time-consuming, note that the sessions are laidback and open to any fitness level, which means come when you can and do what you can. There will be morning, lunchtime, and evening classes throughout the week so you’ll have an excuse to avoid rush hour traffic or take a much-needed break from the workday.

Tips: The exact location will change depending on space availability, so scout the park for a Civic Center MOVES flag when you decide to join the class. Civic Center Park does not have lockers, so make sure to change before you come and keep a close eye on any belongings you bring with you.

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Jerilyn Forsythe
Jerilyn Forsythe
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