If you’re looking for a family-friendly adventure—that’s close to home—you’re in luck: an 81-acre space opened near Federal Heights earlier this spring. The centerpiece of Clear Creek Valley Park is a playground that is just waiting to be explored by little and big Coloradans alike.

For the little ones: A garden-inspired area is perfect for tykes. The watering-can playhouse, a pair of pepper chairs, a carrot bench, and celery slide makes for an easily climbable area for toddlers and young children.

For the big kids: The main playground structure is the epitome of a treehouse. The trees—dotted with animal figures—act as cornerstones for a series of rope bridges and climbing rocks to access the giant slide.

Air and water: Listen for the squeals coming from the east edge of the playground as kids—and some, ahem, parents who are young at heart—coast a couple feet above ground on the zipline. And if the kids beg you to play in the rock-lined creek, they’ll have to work for it: To get the waterway raging, kids have to hand pump the water to propel it toward a three-dam system. They can let the water build up and then send it flowing down to the lake below.

Amenities: The playground is impressive, but there’s one thing that makes Clear Creek Valley Park a parent’s dream: Sparkling clean bathrooms. The restroom facilities are the perfect place to wash up before a picnic lunch under the ample shade structures.

If you go: The park sits just north of I-76. 5900 Tennyson St., hylandhills.org