Mikey Weinstein, the Air Force Academy alumn who has in recent years railed against evangelical Christian proselytizing in the military, is backing another lawsuit against his alma mater. This time, Weinstein’s Military Religious Freedom Foundation is seeking an injunction in federal court to block a public address by former Marine Lt. Clebe McClary at the academy’s National Day of Prayer luncheon on February 10, writes the Colorado Springs Independent. McClary, a decorated Vietnam vet who now says he serves the “Lord’s Army,” is scheduled as the keynote speaker. The suit was filed along with five academy faculty members, who claim McClary’s appearance, and the sponsorship of the National Day of Prayer, would be a violation of constitutional separation of church and state, notes the Associated Press.

Meanwhile, Garfield County Commissioner Mike Samson has asked that commission meetings begin with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer (via the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel). But the act has touched off a “strong debate” about separation of church and state in the high country county, reports the Colorado Independent.