The Range of Motion Project (ROMP) made a global impact last month when 170 people—including 88 Coloradans—embarked on organized climbs and collectively raised nearly $25,000. The Denver-based nonprofit is a worldwide organization working to provide prosthetic care in underserved populations to increase mobility and human empowerment. This specific event, hosted on July 23, provided 60 prosthetics to those in need, which made a small dent in their wait-list of more than 400 people.

Not only does ROMP provide the prosthetic limbs, they follow up with quality clinical care and advocacy for physical independence—empowering those with disabilities to strengthen their human potential. Last month’s global climb was just the start of a larger fundraising goal of $50,000. With more events in the pipeline for later this year, individuals can also donate to this powerful fundraising effort through their Crowdrise site and continue the momentum.