With Gov. Bill Richardson out of the presidential race, New Mexico, which like Colorado caucuses on Feb. 5, is getting a closer look by the Clinton and Obama campaigns. They are both inquiring about setting up offices there, and on Monday alone, the number of requests for absentee ballots tripled.Today, Hillary got a bonus from Richardson’s recently dissolved Colorado campaign staff:

Two former co-chairs for Gov. Bill Richardson’s Colorado presidential campaign, as well as a state Democratic superdelegate, threw their support behind Hillary Clinton today.Lawrence Martinez, a retired official with the Graphics International Union, and Polly Baca, a former state lawmaker, both served as co-chairs for Richardson’s Colorado campaign. They and Ramona Martinez, a member of the Democratic National Committee and a superdelegate to the convention, held a press conference at the Colorado Capitol today to announce their support for Clinton.

As we reported earlier this week, Obama opened six offices here last week while Hillary’s campaign has been scheduling events headlined by Congresswoman Diana DeGette, Former Rep. Pat Schroeder and former Colorado First Lady Dottie Lamm (who had a well publicized primary race of her own for the Senate in 2004.) With New York and California also having primaries on Tsunami Tuesday, February 5, I wonder if either candidate will schedule another personal visit to Colorado before then. To keep up with their activities, here’s Hillary’s Colorado page and Obama’s Colorado page.

If you’d like to keep informed about the Republican caucuses, here’s the ColoGOP caucus website. There are far too many contenders in that race to list their sites individually.