Here is proof positive that Denver is not just a cow town, at least in the eyes of the global club scene and jet-setting DJs who put together the annual Club World Awards. Sponsored by Club Systems International magazine, the awards cover 19 categories honoring every aspect of the North American nightlife culture. Denver’s been nominated twice: The Church is up for “Best Superclub” and The Shelter and designer Maria Christou is up for “Best Interior Design.”

This year’s nominees reflect quality nightlife’s large geographical spread, with cities like D.C., Dallas, Denver, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh and Santa Barbara sharing the spotlight with always-dominant New York, Las Vegas, Miami and San Francisco. Cielo New York is set to defend its two-year “Best Club” title, while Tabu Las Vegas is going for four in “Best Lounge.” Pacha New York and Crobar New York take their club war to the globes, duking it out for the “Best Superclub” title, with Avalon Hollywood, Mansion Miami, Pure Las Vegas, and The Church Denver.

The awards presentation (read: massive all-night dance party) takes place March 21 at Prive in Miami. We’ll see how Denver’s two nominees fare, but it’s a good thing just to have two clubs included on the list.