Come Saturday, Colorado’s football fans are divided. Cheer for the Buffaloes as they rebuild? Buy tickets for Air Force, Rams, and Bears games? Watch home state rivalries in Golden when the Orediggers play? Or, dig that dingy college sweatshirt out of the closet to root for your alma mater? If you choose the latter, there are plenty of alumni clubs around the Mile High City to relive your college days (plastic cups, fried food, face tattoos, and all). Here, some of the largest—and highest—BCS-ranked clubs with alumni associations in the Denver area.

Bama Denver

School: University of Alabama

Current Rank: 2

Official Bar: The Irish Hound (575 Saint Paul St.)

Traditions: The club plays “Sweet Home Alabama” before kick-off (just like they do at the university) as well as all the fight songs like “Rammer Jammer,” which is played after each win.

Average attendees: 130

OU Club of Colorado

School: The University of Oklahoma

Current Rank: 3

Official Bar: Stoney’s Bar and Grill (1111 Lincoln St.)

Traditions: The OU Club, which hosts the largest watch party of any alumni club in the country, shows a full video introduction before the start of each game. There is also a DJ that plays school fight songs after OU scores.

Average attendees: 400

Colorado Clemson Club

School: Clemson University

Current Rank: 5

Official Bar: Lodo’s Bar & Grill (1946 Market St.)

Traditions: The club participates in the C-L-E-M cheer and plays the team’s fight song, “Tiger Rag.”

Average attendees: 40 to 80

Denver Hokies

School: Virginia Tech

Current Rank: 12

Official Bar: Jackson’s (1520 20th St.)

Traditions: Fans jump at the beginning of the game to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” and do the “Hokie Pokie” in between the third and fourth quarters. There is also a giant Hokie mascot present for all games.

Average attendees: 150

Colorado Dawgs

School: University of Georgia

Current Rank: 22

Official Bar: Mellow Mushroom (1201 16th St.)

Traditions: The club plays the fourth quarter song and the fight song is blasted through the stereo system after each touchdown and field goal. The group also provides coloring books and stickers for any children attendees.

Average attendees: 125

Rocky Mountain Auburn Club

School: Auburn University

Current Rank: 23

Official Bar: Brandon’s Pub (3027 E. 2nd Ave.)

Traditions: Music from the Auburn marching band and other game day songs are played throughout the game. “War Eagles” are given throughout the game.

Average attendees: 90