The warden has resigned at a private prison housing female inmates in Brush, Colorado. An investigation has revealed that three or more guards have had sex with several prisoners. They are about to be charged with a crime. Most of the inmates are from Colorado and Hawaii.

Tennessee-based GRW Corp. operates the women’s facility, which also holds 73 inmates from Colorado and 45 from Wyoming. Three officers had sex with four Hawaii inmates, two Colorado inmates and one Wyoming inmate, Morgan said. Two of the officers have resigned, and a third is on administrative leave. Some of the women say they were raped, but investigators concluded the sex was consensual and sometimes initiated by inmates, Morgan said. Having sex with inmates is a felony offense for correctional officers.

The Fort Morgan Times has more.

I wonder how they know the women fabricated the charges if only the guard and the prisoner were involved. Were the incidents recorded on camera showing the willingness of the inmates, or did they take the guards’ word for it? What is consensual in a situation like this? If a guard tells an inmate from Hawaii the only way she can get a transfer back there is to have sex, is that consensual? If the sex is bartered for contraband, is that consensual?