In the dead of winter, the phrase “Colorful Colorado” can feel like a misnomer. For Bernadette Prada, it seemed particularly mocking. After living among the vibrant floras of lush Costa Rica for two years, Prada quickly tired of the muted palette outside her Colorado Springs home. A former copywriter with a talent for sewing, she began crafting brilliantly colored throws with large pom-poms inspired by the oversized, “prehistoric-scale” blooms that had fascinated her in Central America. Compliments from friends and family led her to start an online store in July: La Casa De Zapote, an homage to her mother’s childhood house in Zapote, San José, Costa Rica. “The colors I choose are not traditional, but I’m really mirroring the experiences that the nature I was surrounded by gave me,” Prada says. Svper Ordinary—a gallery and home goods retailer that debuted at the Source in November—recently began carrying Prada’s blankets ($300) and pom-pom pillows ($78). A waiting list for the throws formed just three days after Svper Ordinary opened. It seems Prada isn’t alone in her color addiction. 3350 Brighton Blvd., 303-802-7044, Exclusive: Find more textile goods and throws at