Dumervil, ElvisDenver Broncos Pro Bowl defender Elvis Dumervil has many relatives living in Haiti, where he was born. He and his mother spent yesterday trying to reach them by phone, following the devastating earthquake that has left tens of thousands dead and rescue agencies around the world scrambling to help the Caribbean nation. “It’s really a time for desperate need,” Dumervil says (via 7News). More than two days after the massive quake and aftershocks, emergency services have yet to reach everyone. Food and water are hard to come by or nonexistent in some places, writes The New York Times, which provides a grievous account of the unfolding tragedy during which many buildings collapsed, including hospitals, schools, and a prison. Haiti’s president, René Préval, calls the death toll unimaginable. Human limbs seem to protrude from the rubble everywhere. In Colorado, adoption agencies are awaiting word from Port-au-Prince, reports Fox 31 and the Colorado Springs Gazette. Some good news came from a local church group trapped on the island: They’re OK (via 9News). Many people want to help, and the Denver Daily News and CBS4 round up a few ways to do so.