Colorado may be losing its last link to the Kobe Bryant case. The accuser’s high-profile civil lawyer, Lin Wood of Atlanta (who represented John and Patsy Ramsey in their civil libel cases as well as Richard Jewell and Gary Condit) is not happy that Colorado limits damages in civil cases . Wood wants to move the case to Orange County, California where Kobe resides, because there are no damage caps there. He’ll decide within the next 30 days. Is this a desperate attempt to save a crashing case, or a sign of strength? The key may lie in this:

It’s going to be a hard-fought lawsuit,” he said. “So we’d certainly rather go into a jurisdiction where we are not facing an onerous limit. That’s common sense.”

Sounds like former speculation that a settlement was imminent was off the mark. Kobe isn’t folding soon. In the eyes of the accuser’s lawyer, it seems like even the home town advantage he’ll enjoy in California is a better bet than the public’s perception of his accuser’s case in Colorado.