1. Running Away
(Amazon Publishing/New Harvest, April)
By Robert Andrew Powell
Comical and honest, Powell takes readers on a yearlong journey of sore muscles and mental fatigue as he trains in Boulder to transform from couch potato to Boston Marathon qualifier.

2. The Dangerous Divide

(Chicago Review Press, May)
By Peter Eichstaedt
Colorado journalist Peter Eichstaedt, who has spent more than 20 years reporting on conflicts across the globe, turns his sharp eyes on the United States–Mexico border with an expertly reported, exquisitely human on-the-ground look at our country’s complex immigration issues.

3. The Dark Between the Stars
(Tor Books, June)
By Kevin J. Anderson
The first installment in the New York Times bestselling author’s space-opera Saga of Shadows trilogy is a work of lucid, suspenseful storytelling written in the grand, galactic tradition of Dune (whose prequels Anderson co-authored).

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