Last month, a new program went into effect to help low and middle-income Colorado residents with the cost of medication.

The program, approved by the legislature last year and signed into law by Gov. Bill Ritter in February 2007, allowed Colorado to join with other states to get steeper discounts on prescriptions for qualified residents….The program provides about 125 generic drugs at a discount for problems ranging from high blood pressure, arthritis and diabetes to depression and insomnia. A family of four with a combined annual income of $63,600 or less, or a single person with an annual income of $31,200 or less, is eligible for the program.

An interesting side note: Gov. Bill Owens and others opposed the plan. The reasons:

Former Gov. Bill Owens had vetoed similar bills, saying they would make it harder for the disabled to get the specialty brand- name drugs they need at a reasonable price. Opponents also argued that such programs undermine the free market by setting limits on how much pharmacies can charge.

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