kofi_annanpielke-roger-jrThe 103-page report on the climate launched by Kofi Annan, the former secretary general of the United Nations, claiming that global warming is “killing 300,000 people a year” is causing a stir, writes Britain’s Telegraph. For one, University of Colorado at Boulder climate expert Roger Pielke Jr. has taken exception with the Geneva-based Global Humanitarian Forum’s work. “It is a methodological embarrassment and poster child for how to lie with statistics,” Pielke says (via LiveScience), adding the estimate comes from a flawed source: the “very strange comparison of earthquake and weather disasters in 1980 and 2005.” The Wall Street Journal points out that Pielke’s debunking of the report, which claims that global warming costs $125 billion annually and will eventually lead to “mass starvation, mass migration, and mass sickness,” is more fodder for alarmists. Pielke claims the report’s problems are a “disservice” to those who take climate-change issues seriously. Explore the issue for yourself via Time.