Congrats to Colorado Confidential for being named a finalist in the the Beat Reporting (small) category of the 2007 Online Journalism Awards. If you haven’t been reading them, you should. The project, established by the Center for Independent Media, has been doing ground-breaking reporting on Colorado issues.

Colorado is a finalist in the beat category for reporting by Cara DeGette (Amendment 41), Kerri Rebresh (electoral reform) and Erin Rosa (labor and work).

I attended the initial training session for Colorado Confidential reporters. It was serious business. The writers subscribe to the Society of Professional Journalists’ Code of Ethics. Their goal:

to provide the cutting-edge perspective of a blog, with the credibility of mainstream news source that has a code of ethics, experienced editors, and accountable writers.”

The winners of the awards will be announced in Toronto on October, 19. Good luck Cara, Kerri and Erin.