Green Chile Hot Sauce

This limited-time-only hot sauce by Denver pickle purveyors the Real Dill features Pueblo chiles and Baere-liner Weisse beer (a German sour beer) from local Baere Brewing Company. The Pueblo Green chile-based sauce clocks in at a nice medium heat, so you can use it generously to top eggs Mexican food, pizza, and more.  $13.99 online or in one of these local stores

Best Food Writing 2017

This collection of food-centric essays (edited by Holly Hughes) will inspire food-lovers everywhere to grab a pen and start jotting down their own culinary adventures. Read pieces from national publications such as the Atlantic or Bon Appétit, as well as wonderfully curated stories from the web and regional magazines—including, ahem, 5280’s own Scott Mowbray’s lyrical essay on Moxie Bread Company, “Ballad of a Small-Town Bakery.” $11.59 on Amazon 

Imbibe Worldwide

This stunning collection of photos and recipes for cocktails from around the globe, and it was written and photographed by Denver-based artist Chad Chisholm. The coffee table-worthy book features Chisholm’s own recipes, such as a simple lemon-and-gin cocktail inspired by Kansas, and a Puerto Rican blue Curaçao-and-Champagne libation. We especially love the Colorado shout-outs, with ski Bunny-themed Kahlúa drink and the Palisade Peach Martini. $19.99 on Amazon

Blasphemy Wooden Wine Glasses. Photo courtesy of David Rasmussen Design.

Blasphemy Wooden Wine Glass by David Rasmussen Design

Wooden wine glasses might sound bizarre, but the FDA-approved finish insulates to keep temperatures at their optimal levels. Plus, the walnut glasses just look cool—like they belong in a chic mountain cabin. $66 online

Alpine Start Original Blend Instant Coffee

This instant (yes, instant!) coffee blend— made of 100 percent Arabica beans—will forever change your opinion of on-the-go joe. The Boulder-based company designed the easy-to-make brew for the backcountry lifestyle, and it’s gotten rave reviews from the likes of Climbing Magazine. $8.99 for eight packs of coffee; buy online or at REI

Photo courtesy of Fish Kiss

Colorado Map Platter by Fish Kiss

Show off your Centennial State state pride with this serving dish, which is perfect for pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres and festive desserts. The Centennial-State themed platter highlights everything from Montrose peaches to Breckenridge ski lifts. Natives and transplants alike will love the cartoony illustrations. Be sure to check out the Erie-based company’s  dinner plates, bowls, and Denver-specific items, as well. $38 from Fish Kiss or Etsy

Ski Lift Whiskey Glasses by Black Lantern Studio

These screen-printed whiskey tumblers come straight from Estes Park. The 11-ounce, handmade glasses come in sets of two and depict a  ski lift scene in either black or white ink. $24 from Black Lantern’s website or on Etsy

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