Governor Bill Ritter’s plans for expanding Colorado’s “new energy” economy is shaping up to be a worldwide legacy. Honduran President Manuel Zelaya and top ministers will visit the state today, including the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Boulder, for guidance on creating new energy in their country, according to The Denver Post.

NREL now hosts three foreign visits a week, doubling last year’s rate. Japan, Germany, France, Thailand, Korea, Sweden, and Ireland recently sent delegations. Moreover, Russian- and Arabic-speaking visitors are expected next month. The bottom line is that all the interest could be good for Colorado’s business, as entrepreneurs and researchers seek out opportunities.

Over the weekend, U.S. Senator Mark Udall toured a renewable energy manufacturing plant in Longmont, according to The Colorado Statesman, touting how President Barack Obama’s $787 stimulus will help the state’s renewable energy sector.

Fort Collins, meanwhile, continues to entice companies from as far away as Europe, according to the Coloradoan, which notes the Rocky Mountain Innovation Initiative incubator program “added two new companies this year to its ever growing list of start ups.”