An argument that began at 14th and Larimer streets on Sunday morning erupted into an auto chase on I-25 and ended when gun shots were fired, injuring three people and shutting down part of the highway, according to 9News. It’s just the latest violence following a string of unrelated shootings that have left many injured or dead.

And the violence comes as gun sales hit record highs in Colorado last year, according to the Rocky Mountain News. More than 200,000 background checks cleared buyers last year, and more than 25 percent occurred after the November 4 election, which indicates that some fear President-elect Barack Obama and Democrats will make it harder to buy guns.

Just before the New Year, a group tried to get guns off the streets with a “buy back,” according to 7News. But the event became a “give back” when organizers failed to raise enough money to pay $50 for each gun destined to be melted down.